ZTE Axon 30

Next Gen Under-Display Camera | Ultra Responsive 120Hz Refresh Rate | 64MP Multi-camera Shooting


ZTE Axon 30 Tempered-glass Screen Protector

ZTE Axon 30 Tempered-glass Screen Protector


ZTE Axon 30 Protective Case

ZTE Axon 30 Protective Case


ZTE nubia Type C Cable

ZTE nubia Type C Cable


65W Charger

65W Charger


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what's in the box

1.ZTE Axon 30  2. Power adapter  3.Type-C data cable 
4.Snap pin  5. Product Specification   6. Warranty card
7. Type-C headphone extension cable
8. A Protective Case 9.Earphones


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Solid smartphone, under display camera is a nice gadget

The smartphone is solid and stable overall, coming from a Snapdragon 845 the 870 performs really well and the MyOS is really clean, apart from some weird text in the notifications that has way to little space.
The under display camera of course does not take state of the art pictures, but if you use if for face unlock and video calls and such, it's more than okay, given you have sufficient lighting. The screen protector you can order with it has a camera an additional sensor cutout at the top and somehow ruins the whole idea of having an undisrupted display experience. Sometimes, the under display fingerprint reader is really, really slow, several seconds, I hope they'll fix this in software.

schreen protector, and 120fps

I love everithing in the new axon 30, exept that a lot of the games dosen't support 120fps only 60. And the schreen protector is not covering the whole schreen it has a cut out where the camera is, and i think that ruins the look of the amazing full schreen display.

A good all around phone

5 stars compared to the price. 4.5 stars overall as a phone.

The ZTE Axon 30 does everything you'd expect quite well. I'm used to using more expensive flagship phones from other manufacturers and the phone seems to do pretty much everything the ones I've used do.

The front camera quality is really quite impressive considering it's under the screen and I feel like it got better with a few updates after initial release. It's perfect for people who value watching videos and movies but don't take a huge amount of selfies. Slight glare can be noticed when the camera is pointing at a light source.

There are small quality of life software polish things that products like a 1000$ iPhone and Samsung might hit a little better, but I'm expecting them to be addressed with updates.

I almost feel like it's a flagship for the price of a midranger.

For €500 it's all right

If you're going to compare this to some flagship Apple or Samsung device, keep in mind this is half the price.
The pros:
- Good battery life. You can easily get up to 2 days off of 1 charge.
- 64MP camera. For this price, it's an excellent deal. Though, we're going to come back to this.
- Snapdragon 870, 8GB RAM and 128 flash storage at this price are killer specs. This hardware can easily drive the 120Hz display and plain feels nice.
- The OLED display works wonders with system-wide dark mode.
- Not too crowded with useless apps. Though I will subtract points for marking some of them as "system" so you can't just simply uninstall them. You can do that with "adb shell" from a Windows machine quite easily, though. Just search for "uninstall system apps android" and it should bring up a wonderful guide.
- That camera under the screen really works. If you're not actively looking for it, it just blends in. Thank god the notch is dead.

The cons:
- No headphone jack
- No removable battery (I will forever hold these against manufacturers)
- MyOS. This thing is so close to being vanilla android and yet so far. I don't get why they have to ship their own flavour with it. Just to make it a little worse.
- This thing is huge. I'm not used to bricks this big, coming from my trusty Galaxy S5. I recommend making a cardboard cutout to the specified dimensions and checking how that fits in your pocket. At 17 cm tall, I constantly fear some grabby little hands just yanking it out of my pocket.
- The camera app. It's kind of crap. You'd think having 64MP would be like a feature to be proud of, but the default mode is in 16MP and the 64M mode is hidden all the way to the right in the menu, under a "more" option. Really? You're going to hide the good picture setting under "more"? Ah, and it resets every time you close the app.
"Just install opencamera". I did. It doesn't work in 64M mode. Opencamera is capped at 16M.
- The app drawer is just a regurgitated vomit of all of your apps together. Why can't we have customizable pages?
- Speaking of the app drawer, opencamera simply bricks it, and you need to restart it. And I imagine more apps would do the same. Remember when we had a dedicated button on the home screen for that? Well, that would have solved the problem.

The hardware is a good bang for your buck. The OS is meh, but you can put up with it. Hope for some android geniuses to make a bootloader for it and install something else. Oh, and that AI they're using for image post-processing is nothing to write home about. Wouldn't cry over ditching it.

Great phone at 4G+ areas

Yes, if you are long distance from link but operator has low frequencyes , so called 4G+, this phone is great, it has powerful antenna, Also it supports well VOLTE, VOWIFI so if your WIFI is nbetter than 4G network you can phone trough WIFI!!!

Phone is fast and for example fingerp0rint, as well face regonition works, realy works!!

And you have no against good speakers, great big screen whitout anoying cameras,..,, just big plane screen.

And only thing you can complain it feel's plastic, it has not wireless charge BUT IT HAS REALY FAST CHARGE. Battery life as phone is long and whit litle surfing 2-4 day's.

This is best buy that has boosted activityes AFTER ZTE MC-7010 outdoos router for home network.

I Love ZTE !